The 10 Craziest Gadgets and Tech At CES 2020

This year’s CES trade show took place at the beginning of January, from the seventh to the tenth in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual convention hosts presentations and demonstrations of new products and technologies mostly focused on the consumer electronics industry.

It’s one of the largest yearly gatherings in the technology industry and this year, the start of a new decade, was no exception. These are some concepts that shouldn’t just stay in Vegas. Interested in some of the craziest items that appeared and may be ready to hit store shelves in the coming years? Look no further than our list below.

10Ballie By Samsung

It’s 2020 and a lot of people are asking where our flying cars are. Lots of people are also asking why we don’t have more in-home family-friendly robotic assistants either. Well, Ballie, by Samsung, is hoping to combine consumers’ current love for smart home devices and our continued search for in-home robotic companionship.

The design is in the name. “Ballie” is a ball-shaped robot with cameras and sensors that can be used to take pictures, control in-home voice features, and even follow you around like a lost puppy. It also offers to update you, like a technological guard dog, to goings-on at your home while you are away.

9Charmin Toilet Roll Bot

Speaking of robots Charmin introduced its toilet roll robot, with a blue bear face to go along with the cartoon bears featured in its commercials. The concept is ridiculous but simple.

The robot can connect with your smartphone and, should you find yourself in need, balance a roll of toilet paper and deliver it to you right in the bathroom. It’s not quite as multi-purpose as Samsung’s Ballie, but it’s definitely weirder and more hysterical. The bot is certainly cute, but it’s also just a little bit embarrassing.

8BMW I3 Urban Suite

It’s not a flying car, but if you’re looking to improve your rideshare experience that’s all this baby is designed to do. The new BMW offers space for one passenger, but also offers that one passenger the best possible amenities.

Do you find yourself needing extra hangers on your ride to work? A desk lamp? A heated cupholder to keep your coffee warm as you travel? Well, the BMW i3 Urban Suite offers all of that and more. If you work with Uber or Lyft and want nothing but five-star ratings this may be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Just make sure you’re not picking up more than one person before you drive all the way to the airport.

7Tattoo Machine

Looking to represent with a little skin art, but not sure you’re ready for the lifetime investment of the real thing? Well, now you can print temporary tattoos right onto your skin from home. The small printer (in black) can hold both color and black ink to print tattoos of your choice right onto your skin.

The cartridges are replaceable and supposedly can print up to 1,000 tattoos before needing to be replaced. The ink is said to be cosmetic grade (so your mom won’t have to warn you against decorating your arm like she did when you used markers in the second grade).

6Segway S-Pod

Because Segways were so hip to begin with now there’s a new design. the Segway S-Pod is a two-wheeled chair with some futuristic silver design that can take you up to twenty-four miles an hour along the street. The chair comes with exterior lights and automatic braking.

The lights also include turn signals. However, unlike the original segway, you don’t use your body to steer, but a joystick, as on any electric wheelchair. One wonders what sort of market Segway is aiming for exactly with this one.

5The SelfieType

Did you ace typing when you were in school? Do you really have all the keys on your keyboard memorized? If so, SelfieType is offering you the technology to prove it, and move your typing skills beyond the screen of your mobile device.

Using the front-facing camera on a smartphone SelfieType should be able to track the movement of your fingers on a table or desk and translate those motions to typed content on your mobile device. Excellent idea for anyone who feels a bit cramped on those pocket-sized screens, but you definitely need to be confident in your skills.

4Kohler Moxie Shower Head

Let’s be real everyone sings in the shower. Everyone. Some people may be louder than others, but bathrooms have great acoustics no matter who you are. If you’re a little embarrassed about the habit it’s likely you’ve invested in a waterproof speaker for the bathroom so its less likely others will hear you over the real music.

Or maybe you didn’t, because you were afraid your investment would out you as a singer, to begin with. Kohler has a new way to enhance your singing experience as well as hide it. Their new showerhead will have built-in audio, no need for extra speakers in the tub.

3The Y Brush

Are you worried about your teeth but protective of your time? Are two minutes with an electric brush just a little too much of a commitment for you?

Then the Y Brush is what you’ve been waiting for. It came to CES in 2019 as a prototype, but the mouthguard shaped brush returned this year finalized and ready for purchase. What does the brush claim? It claims it can brush your teeth, both well and completely, in ten seconds flat.

2The Narwal

Move over Roomba, the unicorn of the sea did not come to play. Most houses need both vacuum and mop work to keep them pristine and finally, there’s a robot that does both.

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Similar to the Roomba, the adorable flat robot that has been vacuuming houses for some years now, the Narwal claims to vacuum and mop, so you don’t have to. It also has a self-cleaning mode, so it can literally clean everything. Combine that with the ease of a control app for your smartphone and what’s not to love?


Did some people come to CES just to see what the end of the world will look like? Yes, perhaps they did. Neon is Samsung’s latest AI project. The idea is to introduce realistic CGI avatars that can act as anything from teachers to assistants.

They are supposed to be the world’s first “artificial humans”. Because that doesn’t sound creepy at all. Their programming should allow them to adapt and become individuals in terms of their personalities. One wonders if all the technology wizards at CES ever thought of watching some dystopian sci-fi movies before they started inventing.