3 of the best natural deodorants

3 of the best natural deodorants - aluminium-free deodorants reviews

Since the heatwave is lying dormant, I’ve decided to dust off my natural deodorants again which weren’t quite cutting it in the 30 degree temperatures. Now, however, they more than suffice.

I’ve tried countless natural deodorants over the years, out of personal interest as much as in my beauty researcher role, and have found three in particular I really rate for their effectiveness and feel. While some others proved efficacious, as someone with sensitive skin they also left me with a fiery underarm rash (likely due to the essential oils which though ‘natural’, obviously, can still be irritants). You can’t win them all.

Undeterred, there were also other popular aluminium-free deodorants that I’d buy into the hype of, but which aren’t available in the UK. Once sold on Net-a-Porterhere, Lavanila Laboratories gets rave reviews on social media, but appears to have now left the British market. Similarly, the sold-out Megababe’s Rosy Pits has a list of 5,000-plus people (apparently) waiting on the restock which is only shipped Stateside. My friends visiting the US soon now know my kind of souvenir.

Regardless, here are three of my favourite natural deodorants that I happily go back to time and again when my day doesn’t require a serious antiperspirant.

This comes as a roll-on or liquid spritz and I love the latter, which feels really refreshing to use and doesn’t leave me gasping for breath like an aerosol spray does.

The scent is typically Aesop; a little herbal (thanks to the thyme and clove oil), botanical (think vetiver) and slightly masculine – though it’s designed to be unisex.

The active ingredient is zinc ricinoleate, which is celebrated as an odour neutraliser, and while it doesn’t keep you dry as a bone (natural deodorants don’t claim to), it keeps things sweet smelling.

Far cheaper, and just as lovely, is this organic, alcohol-free offering from Neal’s Yard Remedies. They do four different deodorants (two sprays and two roll-ons) but this is my favourite given that I love both minty and citrus scents.

As well as smelling fresh, it feels cooling to apply, which is lovely in summer.

The essential oils in this don’t irritate my skin at all, and the moisture-absorbing bamboo powder does help on the dryness front.

Dr. Hauschka has two deodorant varieties, a Sage Mint and Rose, which I prefer because it’s better suited to sensitive skin. Also, it smells gorgeous without being heavily perfumed and has a low alcohol content.

It’s the essence of alchemilla (a plant) which the brand says helps to regulate perspiration, but it also contains zinc ricinoleate which, as noted above, absorbs and traps odour.

Don’t just take my word for it; this gets 4-to-5 star reviews across the board online with people confirming it really works for them.