best clothes for concealed carry

Concealed clothing options for men and women have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Clothing manufacturers are producing concealment apparel that is much more comfortable and stylish. With reinforced stretchy bands, discreet placement and quick-access retrieval points built in, today’s concealed carry clothing will hide your weapon flawlessly. Here are some of the top-selling concealment apparel for men and women.

For Men

Companies that manufacture concealment apparel produce clothing that can be worn season after season. Base layer tops, like tanks and t-shirts, are top-selling concealment items for men. Concealment tops and tanks are generally very fitted, but they are made from a comfortable and stretchy material blend that moves with you without binding you throughout the day. Most concealment shirts will have a side pocket for your firearm or weapon and a couple of additional pockets for a wallet, credit card, bullets or other essentials. They are often available in a variety of different necklines. Men also enjoy purchasing concealment jean jackets, tactical vest, parkas and boxer briefs with built-in panels and pockets.

For Women

Believe it or not, women actually have more options for concealment apparel than men. Women have scoop-neck shirts with cap sleeves and tank tops as options. Concealment clothing manufacturers also make cropped tank tops, shirt jackets and even tunic tops with hidden pockets for your weapon. Outerwear options include: parkas, utility jackets and vests. When it comes to bottoms, fitted gym shorts and leggings are popular choices for women. Ladies can surprisingly even purchase sports bras with concealment pockets as well as stylish crossbody, clutch, messenger, satchel and tote bags with a variety of pockets and locks.

In addition to clothing, concealment manufacturers also produce a variety of fanny packs, under-the-desk holsters and stretchy belly bands that are unisex. The best clothes for concealed carry are ones that are made well, have reinforced stitching, are comfortable and stylish and offer quick-access pockets. A company like UnderTech Undercover specializes in offering a wide variety of concealment apparel and accessories for men and women. They have great customer service, a size chart on their site and a generous return policy.