Best Mobiles Under Rs. 15,000: Which Phone Under Rs. 15,000 Should You Buy?

Best Mobiles Under Rs. 15,000: Which Phone Under Rs. 15,000 Should You Buy?

Diwali is almost here, and for a North India that’s still incredibly hot, hopefully Winter is, too. Buying new things for the home and family is a Diwali tradition, and if you’re thinking of getting a new phone, there are some really good options. At the top end of the spectrum, an Apple user or a Samsung user is likely to just upgrade to the iPhone 8/ 8 Plus (Review), or the Galaxy Note 8 (Review) respectively. Midrange flagship choices are similarly simple – you can pick the OnePlus 5 (Review), the Honor 8 Pro(Review), or the newest kid on the block, the Nokia 8 (Review), with our review of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2coming soon to help you decide if it makes the cut.

If you are looking to buy a mobile this Diwali with a budget of under Rs. 15,000 though, there is a lot of competition and a number of good options to choose from. To make it simpler, we’ve picked out the very best phones under Rs. 15,000, which includes some phones that have got price cuts, some old favourites, and a few interesting new entrants. The list is limited to the phones that we have actually reviewed, so that every phone is put through the same stringent rubric, and with a couple of exceptions that are just a little bit older, the phones mentioned here are all less than a year old, which matters because of how quickly phones get outdated in this price range. Here are our top picks for best mobiles under Rs. 15,000 in no particular order.

Mobiles Under Rs. 15,000 Gadgets 360 Rating
Xiaomi Mi A1 8/10
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 8/10
Moto G5S 8/10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 8/10
Honor 8 9/10
Moto G5 Plus 8/10
Lenovo Z2 Plus 8/10


1. Xiaomi Mi A1
One of the newest phones to make the cut, the Xiaomi Mi A1 did well in the Gadgets 360 review on all fronts except battery life, and even that wasn’t bad. The brand’s budget offerings have lacked in the camera department, and the Mi A1 corrects that with a dual-rear camera, while being a part of the Android One means it’s going to get regular updates.



The phone has a striking full-HD 5.5-inch display, a 2GHz octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage, along with a 3080mAh battery, making it a real beast on paper. There’s a 5-megapixel front camera, and 12-megapixel dual cameras on the back, which makes it a great pick in the best phones under Rs. 15,000 segment.