Best Tablet For Kids 2018: Great tablets for children

Trusted Reviews has been reviewing kids’ tablets since they even became a thing. As well as going through our standard testing process, every tablet is thoroughly swiped and prodded by actual children to ensure it’s fit for purpose. All our reviews are unsponsored, so all our buying advice is honest and impartial as a result.

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Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB Wi-Fi – Space Grey (Certified Refurbished)

This might not be the shinest, newest iPad on the market, but it fits the bill perfectly for a kids tablet. iOS has plenty of parental controls and apps designed for keeping the kids entertained.



If you can afford it, the iPad Mini is the best overall kids’ tablet and one of a select few that’ll remain useful as they get older. If you’re on a tighter budget the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a durable tablet full of features that’s currently Trusted Reviews‘ recommended affordable kids’ tablet.


Every kids’ tablet we test goes through our standard set of benchmark, screen and battery tests. All the tablets are then given to a child (or children) in the target age bracket, which inevitably gives it a much better durability test than we ever could. The kids use that tablet day to day for at least two weeks, ensuring it gets past the novelty period, any issues are discovered, and all real-world uses are explored.

iPad Mini 2


  • Great screen (for a kids tablet)
  • Premium design
  • Good battery life


  • More expensive than the competition
  • Lack of Touch ID

The iPad Mini 2 may not be the newest tiny tablet from Apple, but it’s the best value for money at the moment.

The Apple tablet is an expensive investment and it’s not exactly built to be thrown all over the place, but if you invest in a decent tough case like the iSpeck iGuy it can be made kid-friendly. If you have a little extra cash to burn, it’s also got a decent stock of toy add-ons, like the educational OSMO starter kit.

The iPad Mini 2’s iOS 9 operating system also has a host of parental features that actually make the iPad Mini more suitable to hand over to your kids. You will be able to restrict the Safari web browser from showing adult content and the ability to install apps. Additionally, you can disable access to explicit content if you don’t want them to listen to music, podcasts with rude words or more adult-themed TV shows.

With access to the App Store there’s a wealth of child-friendly games, apps and ebooks to buy and download. If you can afford to spend a little more, the iPad Mini is a tablet both parents and children can use, though it’s probably better suited to slightly older children.