Brands Empower Kids to Fight Exam Pressure

Brands Empower Kids to Fight Exam PressureIt is that time of the year when students often find them sunken deep inside books and expectations from their parents and people around. Their shoulders slowly hump and the society circles them around a puddle of expectations.

With the exam season looming, brands that cater to kids, have started sharing their marketing campaigns to help remind them that they are not alone in this fight against exam pressure. These gentle reminders indeed boost up their spirit and release a little stress off their shoulders.

Here are a few campaigns that caught our attention:

Horlicks’ #FearlessKota
During exams, children need more than just nutrition to tackle stress and better prepare. An additional need for emotional support is high as students constantly battle immense pressure, more so when living away from their homes.

Conceptualized by FCB Ulka, this campaign enables parents to share a bottle of love by registering on When on the website fill in the details for your request, after which an empty bottle will be sent to you, to fill with things you want to send. We will then deliver this very special bottle to your children and let love work its magic!

The new film plays out the real-life bytes of children talking about their journeys away from home and the emotional stress they undergo. It also shows mothers trying to relive the moments spent with their children and filling the Bottle of Love with goodies from home which are then sent to their children.

Bournvita’s The Exam Collection
Taking forward the thought of ‘Look Beyond Marks’, Bournvita wanted to take a progressive parenting stance and put across the message that marks alone don’t define the future of kids. However, this year, the conversation was picked up differently. As humans, we all look for choices in life be it in clothes, food, travel or any other thing. But as a society we need to retrospect if our kids get a choice to pursue their dreams.

To drive the point home, Bournvita and Ogilvy India chose to talk to adults in an atmosphere where exams were farthest from their minds, but choices were of utmost priority.

The brand met a few parents in a clothing shop, where they had a lot of shirts, but all in colour black, which left them in a dilemma. Drawing an analogy, kids explained to the parents how they feel for being restricted to particular choice of career.

Linc Pentonic’s Exam Warriors

The new ad campaign for Pentonic during this exam season touches the emotional chord of all its connoisseurs, celebrating a vital phase of student life by eulogizing the virtues of their mental strength during exams with the valiance of a soldier fighting in the country’s battlefield.

The idea behind the campaign was to capture the mood of the students and depict it side by side with a profession which requires the same level of dedication, commitment and clear focus. Increasingly today, students are more active and aware around social causes and they admire brands that stand for a cause towards the society and the world. The youngsters today seek opportunities to get out of their comfort zones and contribute more towards the causes they believe in. Linc salutes that spirit in these students and encourages them to excel not just in their exams – but also to excel in these causes towards making a better world and society.

Godrej Interio Mattresses 
The new commercial released by the mattress brand revealed that over 84% of children and teenagers in India are sleep deprived! The TVC is conceptualized by Creativeland Asia and communicates the story of a child who is an all rounder owing to the 10 hours of sleep that he gets daily.

The video starts with two mothers complaining about the amount of stress that children go through these days owing to exams and their inability to understand certain subjects. However the neighbour does compliment her friend on having a child who’s an all-rounder. The mother beams with pride and asks the child to show aunty how he manages to ace everything. The child surprisingly quickly jumps into his bed and goes to sleep! The mother states that he is successful owing to the 10 hours of sleep that he gets every day! The DVC ends with statistics on rising sleep deprivation among children in India and the long term effects it can have on our future generation.

Horlicks’ Fearless Songs
Conceptualised by FCB Ulka, this is a story of a kid struggling with learning his English tenses and how he uses music to better understand the topic.

The film starts with a kid sitting in a bus dazed and confused while trying to understand tenses from his course book. We then cut to a classroom where A.R. Rahman appears as an English teacher and tutors the child on a simple hack to remember the topic using Music. The film transition through the school with the kid becoming more and more confident as the whole class chimes in to help the protagonist learn. Finally, through a grand finale, the kid understands how tenses are to be used.

The entire film has a musical feel towards it which is highlighted with the presence of A. R. Rahman.