Which Car Brands Have The Cheapest Repair Costs In The U.S.? [Infographic]

When it comes to buying a used car, it’s important to purchase a model that won’t have sky-high repair costs if something goes wrong down the line. CarMD recently released its 2017 Vehicle Health Index which analyzed 4.2 million vehicles spanning 1996 to 2017 to gauge reliability levels and engine repair costs. Acura is the top car brand for reliability, given that it was the least likely to need an engine repair check over the past year. Two more Japanese companies, Honda and Toyota, came second and third in the reliability league. If an engine problem does occur, drivers will enjoy the cheapest repair costs if they’re behind the wheel of a Hyundai.

The research found that the top three brands for check engine light-related repair costs were all Asian. Hyundai drivers tend to get the best deal with repairs averaging $306.50. The average bill for a Mazda owner comes to $310.89 while Kia drivers would have to fork over $317.47. When it comes to the reliability of individual vehicle models, Asian cars top the ranking once again. Even though the Honda Civic has the dubious reputation as one of the most stolen cars in America, CarMD found that a 2013 model is the least likely car to need an engine repair check.

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Car brands in the U.S. with the lowest average repair cost in 2017