AS DIRECTORS LIKE Steven Soderbergh and Sean Baker have shown, you can conjure movie magic with an iPhone.

1. Apple iPhone X

The dual rear cameras on the X are nearly as capable as professional shooters. You get 4K video at 60 frames per second, excellent slo-mo, optical image stabilization, continuous focus—and did we mention it fits in your pocket? Bonus: The crisp OLED screen doubles as a mini movie theater for playback. Take total command of your video controls with Filmic Pro ($15), a favorite app of iPhone auteurs.

2. DJI Osmo 2 Mobile

Stick your phone onto this stabilizing gimbal for smoother handheld footage. Cue up one of its automated modes to shoot a slick panorama or fake the look of a dolly zoom. Filming a scene on the run? An active tracking feature keeps your subject in the frame while you frantically give chase.

3. Joby GripTight One Magnetic

If you’re the director and the star, you’ll need a way to film yourself. Clamp your phone into this tiny tripod. Its flexible legs wrap around branches and signposts, and its magnetic feet stick to metal car hoods. The Bluetooth remote (included) lets you hit Record from up to 90 feet away.

4. Rode Video Micro

Don’t let distracting background noise ruin a perfectly good take. This compact cardioid condenser mic jacks into the phone via a Lightning dongle to bring your sparkling dialog into focus. Go handheld for tight close-ups or place it on a tripod for wide shots, where the shock mount cancels any noisy rumbles.

5. Moment Anamorphic Lens System

Add cinematic punch by capturing action in a wide-screen format. This lens lets you squeeze a 2.4:1 shot into the iPhone’s native 16:9 frame for a sumptuously wide image. It slots into Moment’s newest battery case ($100). Using a gimbal? Add a $40 counterweight to stabilize your rig. $150

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