Generation Z: How brands can target this elusive group

the emerging digital natives – are a challenging set of consumers to understand. Even more difficult is sorting through the lazy stereotypes to figure out the truth behind them. So how can brands better understand their behaviours to target them in the most relevant way?

The Drum has teamed up with brand intelligence consumer insight platform, Attest, to host a webinar on what Gen Z expect from brands, and how brands can better understand their unique attributes to connect with them.

The webinar, How brands can engage with Generation Z, taking place on 15 November, will examine Gen Z media habits and what brands can be doing better to win their attention. It will look at specific ads from TV and out of home (OOH) to see which ones resonate best with Gen Z and provide examples of brands already winning over the next generation.

While brands are more knowledgeable about where they stand with millennials, Gen Z are a bit more challenging. Not also are they more pessimistic and practical than millennials, they are also used to being bombarded with endless messages, making it that much harder to grab their attention quickly. But this is an up and coming generation, set to make a huge impact. By 2020 within the US, Gen Z is expected to reach 84.7 million, making up about 25% of the American population.

As they start to enter the workforce, their economic impact will quickly match that of millennials. It’s therefore imperative for brands to build relationships and truly understand this generation before their competitors do.