Google Chrome’s next update is all about emoji

The next Google Chrome update will be focused on emoji

Google Chrome has added a new shortcut to its desktop browser designed to make typing emoji easier.

The new feature is currently being tested in Chrome Canary – the beta version of the web browser.

Those who use Chrome Canary, which gets the latest features well before the standard Chrome app, can enable the emoji shortcut now.

Simply type-in chrome://flags into the address bar and then search “emoji,” technology blog 9to5Google instructs.

The new feature would add an emoji option when Chrome users right-click a text field inside the app.

Chrome includes a shortcut to your operating system’s emoji menu within the right-click menu

The right-click menu would pull-up the emoji options for Mac, Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS, depending on which operating system the browser is running on.

Emoji are becoming an increasingly important feature.

Apple showcased the ability to quickly find and add emoji as a feature when it unveiled the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar redesign.

While the Google Chrome feature is far from groundbreaking, it should make it a little easier to drop emoji into conversations online.

And the right-click is undoubtedly easier to remember than the Command + Control + Space shortcut available systemwide on macOS devices.

The feature hasn’t yet made it to the public version of Chrome, but will likely launch in the coming weeks.