HTC reportedly has a huge announcement for tomorrow

China Times claims that trading of HTC shares will be suspended tomorrow, September 21, pending a major announcement. The publication goes on to say that the HTC headquarters are busy with people preparing for a major presentation – the second floor is filled with chairs and screens.

It has been rumored for months that Google is interested in acquiring parts of the HTC business. Note “parts” 0 the HTC brand will remain independent but will be refocused to the Vive VR headset.

Google will acquire the manufacturing and R&D capacity of the Taiwanese firm that brought the first Android hardware to the market (and is reportedly working on the new Pixel 2).

HTC reportedly has a huge announcement for tomorrow

This will not be the first time that Google has owned an Android phone maker – we all remember Motorola. It remains to be seen if this time the search giant will be more assertive and try to push the Pixel brand to the mass market rather than try to appease other Android makers.