Samsung Galaxy Note8 dual camera to come with 3x Optical Zoom

The Galaxy Note8 leaks just keep on coming ahead of the August 23 launch. This latest one comes from Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the division responsible for the mobile camera modules. It posted on a guidance of how a dual camera module works.

Since Galaxy Note8 is expected to be the first globally launched smartphone with such setup, it’s a safe to assume that the guide will apply to the phablet’s camera.


The first feature in the guidance is called Super Night Shot. A comparison reveals how an image looks when taken with a single camera smartphone and how the second camera is leveraged to improve the result. The images appear a lot brighter and clearer.

The Smart Zoom is the most interesting part of the walkthrough. It compares digital and optical 3x zoom.


Another feature that deserves attention is called 3D Depth. Similar to portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and the variable aperture mode on the Huawei handsets lately it lets you apply selective focus and blur parts of your image to mimic the effect of a large sensor camera.

The new dual camera module will also bring brighter HDR images and some extra features like Background Effect and Perspective View.