Smart buys:the best smart home gadgets to keep your property warm — and safe — on the go

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Thanks to everyone’s favourite purveyor of flat-pack furniture and meatballs, smart lighting is going mass market.

This simple kit from Ikea contains one white light bulb and one wireless remote control. The Trådfri system is modular, though, so if you add a Gateway for £25, you can then control many lights at once via app as well as by remote.

Other items in the range include colour-change dimmable bulbs and motion sensors. Priced £29.

From £15: Trådfri smart lighting system from Ikea. Buy now >


Think of this central heating control as a smart replacement for a single thermostat, ideal for smaller homes.

It lets you schedule heating times in detail, control the system via app from anywhere and even use voice control — it works with Alexa, Siri and Google.

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat looks great, thanks to industrial design by Starck, and you can add individual radiator controls at a later date for £70 each. Priced £149.

£149: Netatmo Smart Thermostat. Buy now >


Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that can kill.

The only way to detect and protect is by installing a CO alarm — essential if you have a solid fuel stove but also highly advisable to protect against carbon monoxide leaks from faulty gas cookers and central heating boilers.

The Fireangel CO-9D’s graph display shows levels from 10 ppm, offering an earlier warning than most. Priced £29.99.

£29.99: Fireangel CO-9D Carbon Monoxide Detector. Buy now >


Save energy and money using smart heating controls, thanks to wi-fi thermostatic radiator valves that command each rad individually.

A touch screen lets you set a weekly schedule for each radiator or zone, so you can warm just the rooms you are using.

You can also control via app wherever you are, for example warming up the house or delaying heating as your plans change.

The Honeywell Evohome can take charge of hot water, too. Prices start from £249.

From £249: Honeywell EvohomeBuy now >


Smart light switches and dimmers in the new Lightwave range look stylish and are straightforward to control, and you can also command them via app.

Tap your phone screen to set all your lights ready for a movie night, from the comfort of your sofa. Or tell the system to mimic occupancy when you’re out, switching lights on and off at random times to deter burglars.

The range can also control sockets, heating and track energy use. Prices from £129.95.

From £129.95: Lightwave Generation 2. Buy now >


Not only is this wood-burning stove Defra approved for smoke control areas, it emits 82 per cent less particulates than the official permitted threshold, so impact on air quality is much reduced and it more than meets the new Ecodesign Ready standard for burning cleanly.

The Opus Tempo 70 stove puts out 5kW-plus of heat and its large, airwashed window lets you enjoy the flames.

There are various mounting options, or it can be set into a wall. Priced £1,475, with the log store at £300, bench £480, pedestal £185 and wall bracket £40.