Tips in Keeping Your Seawall Standing

There are perks associated with living in the coastline of Florida such as enjoying scenic views while lstening to the sound of waves. Yet, it also comes with a downside such as the possibility of surge flooding. To defend your property and to keep your family from unwanted flooding, building a seawall is a must.

A seawall is a structure that will separate your land property from the water area or the coastline. Wave action and storm surges can cause coastal erosion and flooding but a seawall can just block this away.

Building a seawall is expensive and repairing a damaged seawall can be more expensive. To avoid spending too much for repair, you should do basic maintenance practices that will keep your seawall protected as well.

Remove Growing Plants

Vegetation is the most common cause of seawall problems. There is vegetation that when attached and grown to a seawall can compromise the structural integrity of the wall. There are plants with roots that can spread moisture to your seawall, leading to cracks in your seawall’s body. Once water seeps into these cracks, it will weaken your structure over time. To avoid such, always remove plants that are starting to thrive on your wall fence.

Check your Weep Holes and unclog it from Time to Time

Weep holes are those holes that you see on the body of seawalls. These are used to prevent water pressure from damaging the wall. When clogged, the water pressure will directly hit your wall and strong water pressure can end up damaging your walls in no time. To avoid such, always check your weep holes and make sure that they are not clogged.

Give it a Regular Visual Check

As doctors always say, prevention is better than cure and you can apply this on your seawall as well. Preventing a small crack from forming is better than trying to fix a crack because it was too late when you to noticed it.

Still, with things being out of our control, if you notice any cracks or you feel like the structure of your seawall has been weakened, you should contact a seawall repair Palm Beach county specialist immediately. For seawall repairs, it is best to entrust it with professionals to prevent further damage on your wall structure.