Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Reviews Says It’s The Best Anime Adaptation Yet

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The world of live-action anime isn’t a pretty place to visit, but there is one movie trying to change that. This year, Tokyo Ghoul will debut its first live-action venture, and the film just had its world premiere in Los Angeles at Anime Expo 2017. And, if reviews are to be believed, then the feature may be the best live-action anime adaptation to date.

The lead actor and director for Tokyo Ghoul dropped back Anime Expo yesterday to debut the movie, and attendees are saying they can’t believe how good Tokyo Ghoul is. Over on Reddit, user @Cristinelv wrote up her first impression of the much-anticipated movie, and it is giving otakus everywhere hope.

“I apologize for the lack of an in-depth review. I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts about the movie. HANDS DOWN THE BEST ANIME LIVE ACTION I HAVE EVER SEEN,” she stressed.

“I was blown away. It definitely stayed true to the manga. The steady pace of storyline was easy to follow for those who have never read the manga or seen the anime. All of the main cast did an amazing job bringing the characters to life. Masataka Kubota played a perfect Ken Kaneki…The crowd got so hyped during all the well-executed action scenes. The kagunes looked very impressive on screen. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the movie and I am so excited for the sequels as I now have high hopes they will be just as good as this one.”

You can check out more reactions to Tokyo Ghoul’s live-action debut below. If you are wanting to check out the movie for yourself, then Funimation has got your back. The studio confirmed in May that it would air Tokyo Ghoul in U.S. theaters. The movie premieres in Japan on July 29, so fans should expect information about its Western theatrical run in the coming weeks.