Toreto Aqua Review

Toreto Aqua Review

Toreto is an Indian firm that has been selling mobile accessories since 2013. Its range includes earphones, headphones and speakers, and the latest addition to its lineup is the Toreto Aqua, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is priced at around Rs. 3,000. Is it worth your time and money? Read on to find out.

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Toreto Aqua design and features

The Toreto Aqua speaker ships in a box with clear plastic top that let you see its contents. You get the speaker itself, a Micro-USB cable, a small aux cable, and a user manual. The speaker is quite funky with gray being the dominant colour, and bright orange accents and buttons. The base is made in such a way that speakers point upwards at an angle when the unit is placed on a table, which helps direct audio towards your ears.

The speaker has a metallic grill on the front. The orange accents on the front and the hook at the back are made of plastic while the buttons and the rest of the body are rubberised. There’s a rubber flap at the back that keeps the Micro-USB port, the 3.5mm headphones socket and the microSD card slot waterproof. The Toreto Aqua weighs 340g which is spread across the unit well. Powering it is an 1800mAh battery.

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Build quality is decent and the speaker is IPX7 rated. Toreto claims that it is resistant to water, shock, snow and dust. We did accidentally drop it a couple of times and it survived the impact without showing any signs of damage.

It has 1.5-inch drivers and has a rated output of 6W. There are four buttons on the top; two for volume control, a play/pause button, and a multifunction “M” button for power, toggling between modes and pairing Bluetooth devices. There is an LED between the four buttons that shows the state of the speaker, and a mic so you can make and receive voice calls when your phone is paired.

Toreto Aqua performance and battery life

Long-pressing the M button fires up the device, and the LED blinks rapidly waiting for a device to pair. To test the Toreto Aqua, we paired it with an Asus ZenFone AR (Review) and a OnePlus 5 (Review) with music streaming from Google Play Music and media from Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

When we started testing this speaker, we were surprised at the volume it could put out. It could get really loud indoors, and we had to stick to a lower volume level. We found that the speaker’s volume couldn’t be controlled by a phone, and had to be adjusted independently.

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We played MP3s as well as FLAC audio files, and it was quite hard to tell any difference between them. The overall audio quality of the Toreto Aqua is decent but it seems to go overboard with the highs. It is capable of producing some bass but the mids aren’t very clear. When playing songs with a good bass line at high volumes, the speaker would rock about on our table.