What is fulfillment services ?

Whether you sell your own branded products and services or re-sell used goods online, you have probably reached a point in your business where profits are booming, your business is relatively streamlined and you have a good handle on the accounting and financial tasks associated with operations. If you are running an e-commerce business out of your home, garage or rented office space, you may be running out of room as your business expands.

Even if you are selling small items, like clothing and books, you may have become overrun by your retail inventory. You may have considered renting out a warehouse or hiring an employee to process shipments and organize merchandise in a more efficient manner. A shipping fulfillment company may be the perfect alternative to hiring an employee or renting out a huge space. What is a shipping fulfillment company, you may ask?

Companies offering fulfillment services aim to help you streamline and automate the shipping portion of your business. Many fulfillment centers do not require you to pay startup costs like deposits or setup fees. A large shipping fulfillment company houses the inventory of many small business owners. You arrange for pickup and shipment of your items from your home or office with the fulfillment center. Once they receive your inventory, they store, organize, invoice and ship your items as your customers purchase from your online store.

A shipping fulfillment center saves you time and money by acting as a storage facility, professional organizer and shipper all in one. A contract with a fulfillment center is far less expensive than the taxes, management, ongoing training, paid hourly rate and insurance that comes with hiring a full-time employee. Renting space at a fulfillment center is also considerably less expensive than renting out an entire warehouse building to house your inventory. Additionally, you gain the peace of mind and relaxation that comes from keeping your home life separate from your work life when you outsource your shipping and inventory management to a fulfillment company. With the time and money saved, you can focus on growing your business and networking.