Xiaomi Mi A1 First Impressions: Google’s Android One Makes a Comeback

Xiaomi Mi A1 First Impressions: Google's Android One Makes a Comeback

The Xiaomi Mi A1 has been launched as the new face of Google’s Android One platform. This will be a crucial device for Xiaomi which has not brought any flagship model to India this year, and also for Google, with none of its previous Android One models delivering either. This new Android One smartphone is Xiaomi’s second global smartphone launch in India, after it debuted the Mi 4i here first back in 2015. The Xiaomi Mi A1 could be part of an all-new series in the company’s lineup, but we strongly believe that will depend on consumer feedback to the first Android One phone from Xiaomi.

Much like other Xiaomi products, the Mi A1 is expected to get a lot of attention in India, though it will be interesting to see consumers’ reaction to stock Android replacing the company’s MIUI which has been a popular user interface across several markets. For those unaware, Xiaomi started out as a software company, and MIUI was its first product. The company is now offering a new product with an all-new experience.

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The Mi A1 launch also confirms that Google is still committed to its Android One program. Xiaomi’s new Android One phone could be the first of many in the pipeline. Apart from its stock Android experience, the Mi A1 is also Xiaomi’s first dual-camera device in India. It packs a decent set of innards and is being marketed as new flagship. We received a Xiaomi Mi A1 unit ahead of the launch, and here are our first impressions.