YO! Sushi introduces the art of useless Japanese gadgets to the UK

The Japanese sushi and street food chain has brought the art of Chindogu, or “useless inventions”, to the UK to offer a helping hand with our dining issues. We’re talking things like “Noodle Cooler”, “Noodle Splash Guard”, “Napkin Hat” and “Wasabi Stick”.

Available for this week only at selected branches, the YO! Chindogu menu pairs each gadget with their perfect dish accompaniment to give diners a unique eating experience they never even realised they needed.

To keep your hot Spicy Seafood Udon from burning your lips, the ‘Noodle Cooler’ gadget will cool down noodles just before they reach your mouth with its electrical fan (YO! Sushi)
Protect your luscious locks getting dipped in broth with a “Noodle Splash Guard” when you order YO!’s Dumpling Miso Ramen noodles (YO!)

Chindogu, the brainchild of 72-year-old Japanese inventor Kenji Kawakami, are gadgets to solve everyday issues that aren’t usually thought to be worth solving.

Home of the quirky and forward thinking, Japan has created many gadgets over the centuries. Those who have made the Chindogu Hall of Fame include the ‘Train Nap Cap’, to keep commuters from slumping on someone’s shoulder mid-sleep, and the ‘Baby Mop’, to ensure parents’ floors are sparkling clean as their babies crawl along.

The now much-loved, bestseller selfie stick was even deemed a useless gadget back in 1995 after making it into the book, 101 Useless Japanese Inventions.

Source:-go london